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Agreements, policies and factsheets

CWU Rule Book

Death benefit nomination form

CWU Industrial Action Policy

Menopause fact sheet

Time off for dependants fact sheet

Domestic violence help fact sheet

PMS fact sheet

What is fibromyalgia?

Endometriosis fact sheet


Royal Mail

Agenda for Growth Stability and Long Term Success Agreement

The Grievance procedure

Stage 1 Grievance form

Stage 2 Grievance form

Stage 3 Grievance form

Bullying & harassment procedure

The cut-off procedure

Long term ill health procedure

Road Traffic Accident procedure

Meal relief entitlement

BT 2010 agreement

Career break guide

Annual leave, bank and public holidays

Other time off (special leave) guide

Flexible working summary

Term-time working guide

If you are asked to work at another office

The Attendance Procedure

Attendance Standards - Trigger points

The Conduct Procedure

Royal Mail policy on alcohol and drugs

RM social media guide for employees




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